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Modelo Deck Bottom Side - GLIDER.jpg
GLIDER 2023 Logo.png

The "Glider" is a fluid and funny board, even in heavy conditions. A fuller nose and a little more rocker than a traditional groveler, helps in vertical waves and going off the top.

The wings will reduce tail area, bringing the fins closer to the rail line, which generates speed and allows the board to arc tighter on turns.

A deep concave rolled into double under the back foot, make excellent fluid mobility.

Dims Site Glider.jpg

* All dimensions are adjustable



Light 3/4 4 oz+4 oz+4 0z

Standard - 4 oz+4 oz+4 0z

Strong - 4 oz+6 oz+4 0z

Super Strong - 6oz + 6oz +40z

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